Casa Lindén-Montes

Home. Our flat on the mountain overlooking fields, high rise buildings and pine trees. On a clear night we can see the lighthouse out at sea on the fortress island of Suomenlinna. The sunshine finally filling our home, exposing dust but also bringing hope. The promise of spring after a long winter. I got the sudden urge to document some of my favourite things at home!

When we visited our family and friends in Peru last December I decided to bring home a few items I’ve always admired – the hand made table runner made of naturally dyed wool. The tradition comes from the region of Ayacucho in the Andean mountains. It takes a long time to make and is beautifully ornamented with flowers and leaves.

I also got some beautiful alpaca seat covers. They are so soft to sit on, decorated with alpacas in different colors. There are also some really nice ones all in white that I think many would like here in Finland.

Third, the tree of life, “arbol de la vida”, in painted ceramics. I’ve looked at them every time I’ve been in Lima! The white dove on the top of the tree can hold a wish or a blessing!

I’ve also been nesting quite a bit lately, as we are expecting a baby in the beginning of June! I’ve decorated the Finnish baby box ready to work as a little bed, and I found a second hand changing table with little paintings on it. We had to empty the bedroom and throw out my office furniture to make room, but I am really happy with the result. My work spot can now be found in the kitchen, dangerously close to the fridge!

My sister is a really talented artist and I made a few quick prints of her wood anemones and a happy forest full of little cute animals, to brighten up our home. She makes such detailed, cute illustrations! Get in touch if you would like to buy a copy of your own, as we are going to make professional prints soon.

Now a calm and relaxing Saturday awaits in the company of my little alpacas and llamas, flowers, a good book and a cup of tea. It’s time to get some good rest. Have a great weekend!

Gold feather - Lindén-Montes Photography